All aspects of your voting behavior are being tracked.  Even if you have only voted once, your name appears and is monitored in databases which predict likelihood of future voting participation.  In most of these lists your name has been given a ranking which determines how much advertisements will be targeted at you. These lists often allow political parties to predict races within two-tenths of a percentage point in any given election.  The massive increase in voters in 2006 and low turnout in 2014 followed these models even when polls said otherwise. 

We know voter turnout will drop on average 18% from presidential election years to midterm election years in every precinct in Clinton County.  We also know on average the highest voter turnout in any election are always in the precincts of Olive/Grant/Calamus, Orange Grove (Grand Mound), and DeWitt 2.  The lowest voter turnouts are the precincts of Clinton 1-1, Clinton 1-2 and Clinton 2-1.

Low Moor and Wheatland, your numbers don't make sense.  Not only is your voting behavior different from the rest of the county, your precincts perform is opposite manners.  The question is whether to leave these odd behaviors in the algorithm or cast them out as anomalies.  

Low Moor’s voter turnout has the largest change in Clinton County between the general election (presidential) with 78.92% of voters showing up and the mid-term elections at 49.22% (negative 29.70%).  Amazingly, Wheatland is on the exact other end of the spectrum with 78.24% showing up for presidential elections and 70.08% voting in the mid-term elections (negative 8.16%).

Wheatland and Low Moor voters have an interesting say in county wide races.  Of the 605 potential votes in Wheatland only 58 vote straight ticket which split nearly evenly.  In a majority of new candidate races over the past twenty years in Clinton County, winners are declared within the margin of total undecided votes available in the Wheatland precinct and those who decide to show up at the polls from Low Moor (193 voters).  


A Thought:

What's going on in Wheatland and Low Moor?